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Steps to Managing and Mitigating Risk

Easily monitor who is accessing construction plans, bids, and projects

In our hyper-connected world, the pressure is on to safeguard both physical property and intellectual data. For those in the construction industry, balancing internal controls with a well-trained staff means you can rest assured that client, customer, and bid information is protected. Our white paper explores worst-cases scenarios for construction firms both big and small. Get the answers to your toughest questions to create a more hardened, proactive security posture – both in the field and in the office.

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Use the Internet? You’re at risk. Reduce your exposure and minimize the fallout with our robust risk management strategy.

Pinpoint Vulnerabilities, Prevent Attacks

How exposed are you? Knowing how sensitive construction data is collected, stored, and secured can be eye-opening. Find out how to keep out-of-sight, out-of-mind assets like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops safe.

Stop Short-Changing Policy Enforcement

How accountable is your staff? Conduct proactive, regularly scheduled security checkups to improve accountability and oversight. Learn how a trained, alert staff is your best defense to protect against loss and liability.

Drive Up Productivity with Stronger Controls

Can you access and track information in real-time? Knowing who is using what information, with which applications, and on what device is critical to mitigating exposure. See how tools can alert you to any potential discrepancies, breaches, or dangers.

Customer Testimonial
  On-Screen Takeoff is very fast, easy to set up jobs, and simple to run through the list of items that need to be taken off. Most importantly though, it documents what was taken off and how it was done, so you can check on it at a later time.  
~ Kendall Robins