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It’s No Hoax -- Instantly Spot Plan Conflicts!

Try On-Screen Takeoff to Find Revisions Hiding in Plain Sight

Hunting down plan changes should be easier than trying to find Bigfoot in the deep woods. When you manually compare two versions of a construction drawing, chances are you may overlook what’s lurking—or hidden—in the marked-up plans.

Stop feeling like you’re lost in the wilderness. With your free trial of On-Screen Takeoff®, you’ll use the software’s overlay features to save multiple hours of exhausting plan review. Stop triple-checking prior construction estimates. Now, you’ll spot plan changes in a flash—red is dead; blue is new. No more murky details, just sharper, more focused takeoff.

See For Yourself!

No mystery, just a great 14-day, risk-free trial of On-Screen Takeoff.

Go ahead and leave labor-intensive, manual takeoff behind. With your free trial of On-Screen Takeoff®, you’ll:

Customer Testimonial
  On-Screen Takeoff has improved our accuracy because, “If it’s colored, it’s counted.” It is very easy to check the accuracy of a takeoff, and to see exactly how the takeoff quantities were obtained. It helps handle changes in a way that minimizes errors of omission.  
~ Kendall Robins