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Fast track your projects from bid to finish

Speed up the pre-construction process for takeoff, estimating, and project management with the Contractor’s Suite. On-Screen Takeoff®, Quick Bid® and Digital Production Control® are the industry’s trifecta, giving you the competitive edge to win more bids right out of the gate. Digital Production Control will guide your crew to keep up the pace to the finish line.

Highlight, Measure, Record

Tricks of the trade: When using On-Screen Takeoff®, you have customized markup tools for raster images (tiff and cal), photo images (jpg, png, and bmp), plus vector and CAD images. Highlight, measure, and record linears, areas, and counts. Multi-condition takeoff, overlay, and repeating pages enable you to takeoff items and quantities faster and much more accurately.

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Assemble, Summarize, Price, Submit

With On Center’s contractor project management software, you can kiss spreadsheets goodbye. The huge spreadsheets only you know, with the formulas you understand inside and out, has created a bottleneck. Quick Bid® organizes the entire process with access to leading industry databases. Easily summarize, price, and submit parts, equipment, and labor. Never worry about the method to your bid assembly, Quick Bid software follows traditional estimating processes.

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Track and Manage

Show me the money: Reduce your job cost overruns and increase profits with visibility into the status of production. By integrating the takeoff and estimating processes with On Center’s construction job tracking software, you can digitally track labor production and payroll directly from the field to the project manager’s workstation in the office. Know with certainty whether your project is running over or under budget. If the last 5% of the job is draining 50% of your profits, Digital Production Control® is your answer!

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