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Will Google Glass be used in Construction?

Posted: March 2, 2014

Wearable technology continues to be a topic of discussion within the construction industry.

In an article from Constructech, the author mentions “Google Glass leverages a head-mounted display and provides a virtual reality experience for construction companies…one of the big talking points surrounding opportunities for Google Glass in construction centered on being able to visualize a project while walking the jobsite. Such benefits include confirming installation locations, ensuring usage of correct drawings, locating component details, scheduling compliance, and dealing with clash issues, among many others.”

One company based in California recently announced that they will be integrating its software into Google Glass therefore allowing companies to better plan and manage the project. One example of this is the ability for one project manager to virtually walk multiple job sites in different states on the same day. The company will be developing an app and test this potential construction project management solution.

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