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What’s new in Oasis 1.5 Release

Posted: August 17, 2017

On Center Software is pleased to announce new features and improvements to Oasis Takeoff. With this most recent release, you will experience these enhancements. The following features are included in the August ‘17 release.

Platform performance improvements

Improved stability

The Oasis 1.5 release features the implementation of several new technologies to make the platform auto-scale and auto-heal as demand increases. This is technology similar to what companies like Google and Facebook use to ensure you can always access their services.

Accelerated image processing

Included in this update is new image processing methodology for getting images into your project faster. Once the platform receives your uploaded image it will make the necessary adjustments to ensure your images are arriving into the project sooner.

Oasis Takeoff features

Crosshair improvements

Following the cursor on the screen is now easier when working on complex and busy prints. This update allows the crosshairs to be extended to full screen, change the crosshair line thickness, and to change the color of the crosshair for improved visibility.

Enhanced formula builder - Weight

Calculating weight inside conditions has been enhanced. This update allows the calculation of weight using built-in calculations and formulas. Additionally, users will have the ability to add in their own custom formulas and set results in tons, pounds, kilograms, or metric tons. These feature enhancements are available inside an updated calculator designed to make customizing calculations simple.

Oasis Field Center

Brand new User Interface

This update modernizes the look and feel of Oasis Field Center reducing the number of taps needed to complete tasks and making the app easier to work with.


Quickly browse through any set of plans or revisions with the new pan and zoom capabilities.


An annotations indicator is now visible in all plans. Quickly identify if a plan has annotations or not. Color code annotations.

Named Views

View the list of all named views created inside a bid and quickly navigate to the page where the named view is located.

Enhanced Attachments

List of all attachments for easier searching. Email or text any attachment from directly inside the application.

Types of attachments are now expanded to include specs or any other project document and they can be viewed directly inside the application.

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