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These High Tech Roofing Materials Are Proven to Reduce Air Pollution

Posted: January 3, 2014

New roofing materials are taking green construction to new levels. Known as smog-eating tiles, these materials have the ability to actually reduce air pollution. In an industrialized world where hundreds of millions of people live in areas with polluted air that is too dangerous to breathe, the tiles can literally be a lifesaver.

Boral Roofing is a manufacturer of these roofing materials. According to the company, smog-eating tile incorporates a photo catalytic agent, titanium dioxide, to break down nitrogen oxide molecules and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. Nitrogen oxide is a major driver of air pollution and smog, generated from every burning process and present in a very high concentration in street traffic. Nitrogen oxide molecules can cause respiratory diseases along with permanent damage to plants and trees. Over one year, 2,000 square feet of the new tiles can destroy approximately the same amount of nitrogen oxide as a car produces from being driven 10,800 miles.

The active ingredient, titanium dioxide, is a proven depollutant that occurs naturally and is safe for humans. What’s more, it helps to extend the appearance and life of the roof. Substances such as mold and algae are destroyed when ultraviolet light hits the roof surface. The visible organic materials on the roof become transparent and wash off with a dousing from a rain storm or a garden hose.

To learn more about how the technology works, view this video from Boral Roofing.

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