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Roofing Software Digital Takeoff & Bidding

Posted: April 6, 2014

Innovations that improve efficiencies have made their way into the roofing trade which is constantly changing with new products and options ranging from higher wind rated shingles to roof accessories offering better energy efficiency. With roofing estimates, accuracy is required in the takeoff interpretation of structural / engineering drawings to assure that all required solutions are addressed up front.

Successful contractors understand the importance of the takeoff and estimating processes. They are the cornerstone of every bid and have always been challenging. In a labor intensive process, knowledgeable estimators manually comb through numerous printed plans to tabulate roof area, lineal footage of flashing, sealant material, and other various roofing related materials. It takes significant time and skill to determine material values due to unique conditions and odd shapes.

Contractors submit more bids in less time with greater confidence when using digital takeoff and estimating applications. Digital takeoff and estimating applications quickly pay for themselves in two ways: first by increasing the number of jobs a contractor can bid and win, and second by eliminating the need to print, handle, and store bulky paper based plans and other documents. Success begins with the ability to takeoff, estimate, and bid projects accurately and in a timely fashion.

Roofing contractors who have already adopted digital takeoff and estimating applications can’t imagine doing business without these tools. These programs help contractors save time & money, reduce costly mistakes, improve collaboration, and differentiate themselves from competition.

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