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Pump out more bids with a little help from friendly software

Posted: August 17, 2017

By Greg Michael, communications specialist at On Center Software.

Major technological advances in concrete material formulas are making their way into construction every year. They improve tensile strength, fortify resistance to cracking, and extend longevity. There is even a futuristic smart concrete that acts as a sensor to detect internal flaws.

At the same time, technology and software have improved the concrete business from the office to the job site. Powerful laptop computers and tablets share project data, digital plans and design changes between team members with reliable Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity.

Yet, a large percentage of Concrete Contractors built their companies using manual workflows. While this method is successful, it can limit the contractor’s ability to scale. Bid building is one of the easiest construction processes to automate. When done correctly this automation can produce major growth dividends to the company.

To find out how others have leveraged the advances in technology to grow their businesses, check out the Concrete Contractors trade paper.

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