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Paint & Wall Coating Software Digital Takeoff & Bidding

Posted: March 1, 2014

As with many other industries, innovative efficiencies have made their way into the painting and wall covering trade that is constantly changing with new products and options ranging from intumescent coatings on structural steel to masonry paints and sealants. Attention to detail and accuracy are critical to the appearance of a building, and accuracy must begin with the takeoff interpretation of architectural / structural drawings to assure that all required solutions are addressed up front.

In a labor intensive exercise, knowledgeable estimators manually comb through numerous printed plans to tabulate square footage, lineal footage for molding, count objects such as doors and windows, and other related materials. It takes significant time and skill to determine material values due to unique conditions and odd shapes where it’s challenging to measure precise values. Further complicating the process is the specter of change orders and requests for alternatives.

While manual takeoff and estimating processes are still common today, there is a better way for contractors to effectively double their estimating productivity in less time and with greater confidence: digital takeoff & estimating software. Digital takeoff and estimating applications quickly pay for themselves in two ways first by increasing the number of jobs a contractor can bid and win, and second by eliminating the need to print, handle and store bulky paper based plans and other documents.

Estimating programs allow contractors to maintain and manage a library of common assemblies, or combinations of materials, cost, and labor that together form a unit of construction activity, such as number of applications, faux finishes, coverings, and murals. These assemblies can be instantly recalled and reused among projects to save time.

Architects and home owners go through great pains to select paint and wall covering to achieve a desired look. It takes a skilled professional and artisan to turn these visions into reality, so use new technology help with increased accuracy & productivity.

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