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Masonry Estimating Software – Digital Takeoff & Bidding

Posted: March 16, 2014

A mason’s success begins with expertise, attention to detail, and hard work, and continues with the ability to takeoff, estimate and bid projects in a timely and accurate manner. For masonry contractors, the financial success of a project is often determined even before a company is awarded the work.

To increase productivity, reduce waste and increase profits, masons invest in technology and equipment that increase their lay rate and mortar yield. This begins with a high quality, accurate bid that depends on the takeoff and estimation process.

Prior to digital technologies, the tools used for takeoff and estimating consisted of the rolling linear scale, colored pencils, highlighters, notepads and calculators. However, these manual processes are time and labor intensive, but with masonry software, counts and measurements are taken with the click of a computer mouse, and the on-screen plan is highlighted to show what has been processed. The estimator applies conditions such as block walls, brick veneer on steel or wood structure, firebrick, etc.

Furthermore, estimating programs allow masonry companies to maintain and manage a library of common assemblies that are generally combinations of materials, quantities, costs and labor that together form a unit of masonry activity. Estimating programs can even generate reports that help the business owner manage labor and material costs. Whether you are laying a simple brick wall or installing an ornate exterior on a high rise building, using digital takeoff and estimating software allows companies to submit more bids in less time that are also more accurate.

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