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Landscape Estimating Software – Digital Takeoff & Bidding

Posted: March 13, 2014

The landscaping trade is constantly changing with breakthroughs in approaches to sustainable landscaping and digital tools that provide instant views of customer landscape design renderings. Accuracy must begin with the takeoff interpretation of design drawings to assure that all required components and treatments are addressed up front.

Knowledgeable landscape estimators carefully comb through printed plans to define material requirements such as irrigation piping and fixtures, trees, shrubs, sod and top soil. This can be further complicated with the use of irregular shapes which include many curved areas and are extra difficult to estimate. While manual takeoff & estimating processes are still used, there is a better, more accurate way for landscape companies to effectively double their estimating productivity.

Digital takeoff and estimating software allows companies to submit more accurate bids in less time. Digital plans imported directly into the application allow an estimator to takeoff all aspects of the project. This can include professional botanical symbols for trees, shrubs, grasses and other elements. Digital takeoff applications allow knowledgeable landscape estimators to measure areas, lengths and volumes, count quantities, and select plants from digital plans on a computer screen. As counts and measurements are taken with the click of a computer mouse, the on-screen plan is highlighted to show what has been processed. The estimator applies conditions such as irrigation, lighting, erosion control, flower beds, sod and seeding, etc.

From start to finish, an experienced landscape estimator who is proficient with these automated tools develops a more precise, detailed bid in much less time compared to doing it manually.

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