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High Speed Rail Coming to Texas?

Posted: February 5, 2014

According to ImpactNews.com, ground breaking could begin for a high speed rail connecting Houston to Dallas in as early as 2 years.

In the article, “Houston-to-Dallas high-speed rail could break ground in two years” president of Texas Central Railway, Robert Ecklels, heads up a private consortium promoting the development of a private, for-profit high-speed passenger rail system that would take travelers from Houston to Dallas in less than 90 minutes. They are considering 3 different routes: along Hwy 290, along Hwy 59, and along I-45.

At this early stage, the proposals are very much in the discussion phase as we seek public input and other feedback related to needs, demand and feasibility, Glessner said.

Even though ground-breaking could start in the next 2 years, they don’t expect the high speed rail to be completed until 2021.

A few highlights of the Houston to Dallas high-speed rail include:

  • The N700-I Bullet System can reach speeds of more than 200 mph.
  • The 240 miles between downtown Houston and downtown Dallas could be covered in about 77 minutes.
  • A train would hold eight cars and would seat 400-500 passengers.
  • Trains would leave about every 30 minutes during peak times.

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