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Flooring Software Digital Takeoff & Bidding

Posted: March 6, 2014

As in many other industries, innovations that improve efficiencies have made their way into the flooring trade. The trade is constantly changing with new products and options ranging from hardwoods to resilient flooring to natural stone. Accuracy must begin with the takeoff interpretation of architectural / structural drawings to assure that all required solutions are addressed up front.

A flooring contractor can lose money before the first plank or floor treatment is applied without accurate and timely takeoffs and estimates. In a labor intensive exercise, knowledgeable estimators manually comb through numerous printed plans to tabulate square footage and lineal footage for molding, and to count objects such as door transitions, cabinet allowances, and other related materials.

For example, a rectangular room of 500 square feet may only need 500 single square foot tiles. However, a 500 square foot irregular shaped room or an area that has tiles rotated 45 degrees may easily take 550 to 600 single square foot tiles. Further complicating the process is the specter of change orders and requests for alternatives.

With manual processes and spreadsheets, the estimator must sift through marked-up plans and prior estimates to work up a change or develop alternatives and incorporate them into the overall project budget and bid plan. Flooring contractors increase their productivity by submitting more bids in less time with greater confidence by using digital takeoff and estimating applications. Digital takeoff and estimating applications quickly pay for themselves in two ways: first by increasing the number of jobs a contractor can bid and win, and second by eliminating the need to print, handle, and store bulky paper based plans and other documents.

Estimating programs also allow contractors to maintain and manage a library of common assemblies, or combinations of materials, cost, and labor that together form a unit of construction activity, such as sub-flooring, parquet, etc. which can be reused in other projects in order to save time. As a flooring contractor, project bidding is something done regularly. A contractor’s success begins with the ability to takeoff, estimate, and bid projects accurately and in a timely fashion.

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