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Contractors Winning More with Estimating Software

Posted: September 4, 2018

If you’re like most construction estimators today, you’re cranking out construction bids faster and faster. But if you’re preparing bids manually, how sure are you that your data is accurate? This can be risky as experts say nearly 94% of spreadsheets contain errors. If labor and materials are underestimated, your construction business could end up winning the low bid, but losing money on the job.

If you’re on the fence about adding estimating software, don’t miss this in-depth discussion with walls and ceilings contractor KHS&S in Construction Pros. This is a great look at how one contractor is using estimating tools to bid more jobs, more accurately, and respond more quickly to changes.

In the article, KHS&S explains how they became a pioneer in transforming construction from a field-based industry to an industry of digital modeling, virtual project delivery, prefabrication, and lean manufacturing.

Making the Switch to Digital

Using On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid for 10 years, KHS&S now has the flexibility to ensure changes are a snap during pre-construction and design. General contractor questions about the job are much easier to answer—- also bids can be quickly verified. By using these solutions to customize and save assemblies in libraries for future projects, KHS&S is much more capable of handling any last-minute changes or requests.

Like other contractors, they were originally using Excel spreadsheets before they made the leap. Now, they can use a true database where all material pricing is stored along with production rates. This makes starting a new project bid or budget much less complicated. By storing entire assemblies, they can move swiftly since much of the framing and drywall business is repetitious.

Greater Accuracy and Precision

According to the article, KHS&S is using Quick Bid to improve the accuracy of bids and enable end-users to compete for more jobs. Today, they can compile itemized costs, labor rates, and change orders, and materials to precisely predict the cost of a job to avoid bidding too high or too low. With seamless integration between Quick Bid and On-Screen Takeoff, the team at KHS&S can spend less time calculating results. They can swiftly takeoff multiple quantities, spot revisions, create RFIs, and more. Perhaps one of the strongest arguments for leaving manual takeoff behind is that it is easier to add alternate pricing for other items the client may want to see as an add or deduct

Want to learn more about KHS&S and their transformation? Read the full article for a closer look at why the construction industry is moving away from manual processes for the speed and accuracy of estimating software. If you’re already aware of the benefits digital transformation can have on your preconstruction process and want a closer look at On Center Software’s Contractor’s Suite, request a demo now.

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