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Construction industry lags in IT adoption & data security practices

Posted: February 9, 2014

Information technology (IT) is pervasive in almost every phase of the construction trades. JBKnowledge, an IT services provider to the construction and insurance industries, recently conducted their second annual Construction Technology Integration (CTI) Survey of more than 700 commercial construction professionals.

Two of today’s most significant IT trends in all industries (not just construction) are cloud computing and BYOD or bring-your-own-device, a practice in which employees use their personally-owned smart phones or tablet computers for work. The CTI Survey revealed:
Construction professionals want to be technology adopters, but many lack the requisite corporate policies, resources and support. The general attitude toward IT seems to be implementation first, figure out how to secure it later. This is a concern for those who know the risks associated with data loss, malicious insiders, and unsecured devices. The report notes that construction lags far behind other industries as well as most Fortune 500 companies in terms of IT resource allocation.

  • While most companies embrace cloud technologies, they are not yet committed to cloud security. 47.3% of respondents said their company has no cloud security policies currently in place.
  • Just over three-quarters of all survey respondents said their company allows the use of personal devices for work purposes but only 40.5% of those companies request to secure or approve those personal devices prior to use.
  • Despite the increasing use of construction-specific technologies such as take-off and estimating software, electronic spreadsheets and manual/paper processes are still very prevalent in this industry.

To download the 2013 CTI Report and infographic, visit: http://www.smartbidnet.com/construction-tech-integration-survey-2013.

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