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Concrete estimating software delivers faster, better results

Posted: February 6, 2014

Concrete contractors are used to bidding on contracts, drawing up estimates and doing everything they can to win over a potential customer. However, a large portion of contractors are using outdated or undetailed strategies to create bids.

Before contractors even consider creating a bid for a project, they need to make sure their license and insurance credentials are valid and up to date. This will ensure that they don’t waste their time and money pursuing work that they aren’t even capable or legally allowed to deliver.

Once they are sure the proper documents and permits are in place, contractors should then focus on how to boost their brand to appeal to potential customers. Contracting firms may want to consider focusing on highlighting particular patterns, types or materials they specialize in using, as this will help set them apart from the pack and could potentially position them as a leader in a niche market.

When any project is completed, contractors should be sure to add it to an easily accessible portfolio for prospective clients to analyze. Including customer testimonials in such a portfolio can be beneficial, as it’s a simple way to boost a contractor’s credibility.

Despite the importance of having an attractive, well-developed portfolio and ensuring proper license compliance, most customers’ primary concern is price.

Drawing up detailed estimates is an essential aspect of any concrete bid process. Including labor costs, material prices and a project timeline is important, as is delivering estimates in a timely manner is also important.

With concrete estimating software, contractors can reduce the time it takes to generate a complete estimate. In fact, software-created estimates take just 10 days to complete, while a hand-made estimate can take as long as 30 days to finish.

More importantly, 75 percent of software-users believe their estimating approach is effective. Just 40 percent of spreadsheet estimators are satisfied with their final product.

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