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BIM Adoption Spreads Globally

Posted: March 9, 2014

According to an article in ENR, “building information modeling (BIM) is accelerating the pace of positive change for contractors of all types, sizes and locations.” Since 2007, McGraw Hill Construction has been tracking the impacts of how BIM is transforming the design and construction process in Western Europe, Asia, and North America.

Findings from the report, released last month, include the following: Among other key findings of this new research are the following:

  • The percentage of their project work that involves BIM, both current and forecast
  • Return on investment (ROI) on their BIM program
  • Benefits they are receiving from BIM in three categories: internal, project and process
  • Which investments they are planning to make to grow their BIM programs
  • What business processes and policies they are adopting to support BIM

ROI BIM Benefits BIM Investments To view the full article, visit ENR.com and read BIM Adoption Spreads Globally

  • Two-thirds of all the construction companies report a positive ROI on their BIM program and have clear ideas about how to further improve it.
  • Firms in Japan, Germany and France are the leaders, with over 95% in each market showing positive results.
  • ROI increases directly with a contractor’s level of BIM engagement, represented by its BIM experience, skill level and commitment to doing a high percentage of its work in BIM.
  • Fewer errors and omissions, less rework and lower construction cost are among the top project-related BIM benefits cited by contractors.
  • Better cost control/predictability and reduced cycle time for workflows and approvals are also acknowledged as important process benefits of BIM.
  • Leveraging BIM capabilities to win new work, maintain repeat business and offer new services are key internal benefits.
  • Contractors are increasingly assuming the central role on BIM projects, therefore the top planned investment categories focus on IT infrastructure for hosting and sharing models and collaborative process between companies.
  • While construction companies in the less advanced BIM markets are still focused on basic software and hardware investments, the more mature BIM users are planning heavy investments in mobile technology to get the value of BIM to the field.

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