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Adopting Lean Construction

Posted: August 2, 2014

With our current economic recovery making slow to moderate progress, construction companies are looking at operations to gain the ability to minimize costs and maximize value on each project completed. Executive management is challenging all stakeholders to develop better ways to manage the construction process and implement the improvements quickly. The results when executed properly typically involve getting the project completed ahead of schedule and at a lower cost through continuous examination of processes to drive greater efficiencies, known in the industry as Lean Construction.

For this practice to be most effective, all areas of the business must adopt and adhere to these principles while senior management must understand the need for and advantages of lean implementation. Collaboration at the project and corporate level is key to gaining the insights needed to hire the best teams, integrating lean construction principles, mitigating risks, and achieving cost savings. The management of projects is only one component to the lean construction process, production must be actively managed to ensure the maximum daily output for the project. An organization must be able to quantify all aspects of the project and production to identify areas of improvement, investments need to be made into systems that provide accurate tracking of the production rates of each project.

Turner Construction has embraced the lean management approach with great success, several of the benefits of lean construction from their experiences are given in an overview on their website .

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