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3 Things to Remember for Your Estimator Offer Letter

Posted: August 9, 2018

Eureka! You’ve found the perfect job candidate to join the ranks of your growing estimating department. You’re hyped to extend a winning offer. Whether you’re hiring a newbie, junior, or senior estimator, it all comes down to how the winning candidate receives the details of your offer letter.

Nobody wants to let “the great one” slip away over something trivial. Writing a winning estimator offer letter comes down to being thorough and making sure the specifics impress the right candidate. Before you ask them to sign on the dotted line, it’s essential to have all the fine points nailed down.

Land Your Top Job Candidate

Your offer letter is a great chance to put your best foot forward. Here are three tips from our How to Hire a Great Estimator Guide to help you write an amazing offer level and land a top construction estimator:

  1. Share Your Excitement —Don’t forget to congratulate the job candidate and share why you’re extending the offer to them. Tell them If their skillset or experience was particularly impressive.
  2. Important details—Your dated letter should include the position title, salary, benefits, and start date. Double-check the information before the letter is sent and ensure everything is clear and concise.
  3. Fine print Make sure to mention any pertinent details like relocation assistance, offer expiration dates, paid time off, or other benefits to make it a particularly attractive offer. This is a great way to help sell your construction business to your top candidate.

Don’t forget to give the winning candidate time to consider your offer. Also, it’s important to be ready to negotiate salary, benefits, bonuses, and perks. It’s best to know in advance which items are negotiable so everyone can be happy with the outcome. Remember, estimator wages in the U.S. can vary depending on location. Always consider a candidate’s skill level, experience, and location in the negotiation.

Next Up, Make an Onboarding Plan

Let’s say you’re lucky and the negotiation process with your new cost estimator goes smoothly. They’re ready and eager to join your construction business. Be sure to insist they send back a signed offer letter, agree on the starting date, and submit internal documents to your system of record.

This is a great time to double-check your onboarding plan is in place. Onboarding is a vital step in the hiring process—especially when it comes to productivity and retention. In fact, organizations with a standard onboarding process report 50% greater new hire productivity.

Ready to build a stronger, sustainable hiring process? Download our guide, How to Hire a Great Estimator, now for hiring best practices.

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