Client: Paul Peltier

Company: P.A.P. Contracting

Title: Estimator, Foreman, & Owner

Trade(s): Caulking and Waterproofing


Paul Peltier uses On-Screen Takeoff® and Quick Bid® to estimate more efficiently and reduce printing costs. Through Paul's recognition of industry shift away from paper to digital plans, he chose On Center Software solutions to eliminate paper plans and streamline the estimating and bidding process - lowering office expenses. As a result, Paul abandoned out-of-date ways of working (digitizer and Excel) and adopted advanced technology.

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P.A.P. Construction Video Testimonial - OST & QB

Video Transcript:

PP: My name is Paul Peltier. I work with PAP contracting and my job title is owner. Under that title, I do it all.

OCS: What type of work does your company specialize in?

PP: We specialize in caulking and waterproofing.

OCS: What type of building does your company specialize in? Hospitals, etc.?

PP: Commercial projects; hospitals would be one. Schools, churches, retail office buildings, warehouses, the whole spectrum except we don’t get into utilities nor residentials.

OCS: What software from OCS do you use?

PP: We use OST to do our quantitative surveys and we use QB to price it out.

OCS: How long have you been using those 2 products?

PP: I want to say in excess of 2 years.

OCS: Prior to that what did you use?

PP: We were using a digitizer & importing into excel using a basic spreadsheet.

OCS: What made you change from that process to our software?

PP: Basically when the industry moved to digital documents, where there is less and less paper, we figured we’d move the whole process to be digital. It definitely keeps the clutter down in the office.

OCS: What did you think about yesterdays and todays training?

PP: Very good. We’ve been using the program for 2 years and I wanted to be able to use it to its maximum.

Try the solutions PAP Contractors uses - On-Screen Takeoff & Quick Bid

  • Eliminate Paper Plans
  • Visual Audit Trail of Quantity Takeoff
  • Simultaneously Highlight and Measure Item Quantities
  • Automatic Counting of Repetitive Symbols
  • Easily Separate Takeoff Quantities into Bid areas
  • Overlay Original & Revised Plans
  • Scope of Work and Change Order
  • Integrate Quantity Takeoff into the Estimate
  • Trade Specific Databases
  • Imperial & Metric Formats
  • Multiple Manufacturers and Vendor Quotes
  • Visual Indicators in the Estimate
  • Detailed Price Adjustments to Overhead and Profit Margins
  • Costs for Material, Labor, Equipment, Subcontractor, Waste, other

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