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Quick Bid® (QB) set the standard in 1988 when it was introduced to Specialty Contractors.  Quick Bid is used by estimators to quickly produce profitable bids with the most precise material and labor costs.  Automating construction estimating with QB enables contractors to easily, accurately, and consistently increase project wins and profits.

Save Money by using Quick Bid

  • Winning the right bids means bidding the right projects:
  • Integrate the quantity takeoff automatically into the bid
  • Eliminate costly manual data entry and calculation errors
  • Adjust margins with confidence that profit remains intact

Improve construction estimating accuracy with Quick Bid

  • Estimate more work in less time with confidence:
  • Work with trade specific databases to decrease the time to bid
  • Automatically incorporate On-Screen Takeoff quantity and measurement changes
  • Support for Imperial and Metric formats and calculations

Submit Quotes with Quick Bid

  • Include material and parts quotations from suppliers:
  • Automatically, from within the estimate, submit material quotes
  • Select the supplier of choice and instantly incorporate up-to-date prices into the bid
  • Retain supplier quotes and bids in a library for future reference

Quick Bid
Accuracy, Efficiency, & Savings in Construction Estimating and Project Management

Quick Bid plays an integral role in our construction software solutions for estimating and project management.

Identify Risk Factors with Quick Bid

  • Identify the right projects to bid:
  • Know before submission time which project will be profitable
  • Be alerted visually where the project and profit are at risk
  • Proactively identify the acceptable bid threshold to make money on the project

Increase Profits with Quick Bid

  • Replace gut-feel with certainty and improve margins:
  • Make on-demand price adjustments with confidence
  • Drive consistency with trade specific databases and direct vendor quotes
  • Watch the impact to profit with adjustments to material or labor cost

Measure and Analyze with Quick Bid

  • Ongoing scrutiny ensures the best bid for the project:
  • Lower costs before winning by quantifying the material waste
  • Gain accuracy by identifying and reviewing labor, subcontractor, and material costs
  • Compare quotes and costs for equipment and supplies that are organized into separate areas and floors

Learn how Quick Bid has Helped Our Clients

Rowdy Fowler, Estimator & Owner of EyeBall Drywall uses On Center Software to submit more bids. Client: Rowdy Fowler
Company: Eyeball Drywall
Title: Estimator, Foreman, & Part Owner
Trade(s): Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, Insulation, and Tape & Float

Synopsis: Rowdy Fowler leverages On Center Software solutions to be more competitive in every bid, and he is able to submit bids on more projects. 

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