Easily View Electronic Plans From Planrooms & Architects

The On-Screen Takeoff™ PlanViewer is a free, limited, and light version of the On-Screen Takeoff™ Professional software.

Participating planrooms make it possible to download and view multiple file types such as TIFF, PDF, DWF, DWG, JPEG images, and most CAD documents. With On-Screen Takeoff PlanViewer, easily navigate through electronic drawings for free.

PlanViewer - Free On-Screen Takeoff Software

PlanViewer - Free On-Screen Takeoff Software

PlanViewer - Free On-Screen Takeoff Software

PlanViewer - Free On-Screen Takeoff Software

PlanViewer Vs. Professional

Although On-Screen Takeoff PlanViewer and On-Screen Takeoff Professional share very similar names, the differences between the two are enormous. By upgrading to the Professional version, estimators, project managers, and foremen gain access to features designed to improve takeoff speed, retain and organize data, and share projects with others.

For those who need more from a takeoff software solution, click here to learn about On-Screen Takeoff Professional.

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Measure Linears, Areas and Count Objects
Generate Multiple Quantity Results
Display Condition Legend with Quantities
Material and Labor Unit Price Worksheet
Create Alternates and Change Orders
Create Item Conditions
Create Condition Layers
Create Styles and Style Sets (Condition Templates)
Create Areas and Typical Areas to Separate Takeoff
Create Zones to Separate Takeoff
Instantly Reassign Takeoff to Another Condition
Supports GTCO Digitizers (For use with Paper Plans)
Temporary Takeoff  
Retain and Save Takeoff Data
View Raster Image Files: TIFF, CAL, CPC, OSE
View Adobe Acrobat Files: PDF
View Autodesk AutoCad Files: DWF, DWG, DXF
View Photo Image Files: JPEG
Copy and Paste Current View to Microsoft Office Applications
Integrated Planroom Download Manager
Compare Revised Images with Overlay Feature
Insert Text on Images
Highlighter Tool
Create Hot Links and Named Views
Export a Visual Takeoff File
Import and Edit a Visual Takeoff File
Email Images (Uncompressed)
Email Images with Takeoff (Uncompressed)
Project Express - Pack and Send Images with Takeoff (Active with Annual Upgrades and Support Program)
Import Takeoff File - "Read Only" 

On-Screen Takeoff Professional Is Much More Than Just Takeoff

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View electronic plans, takeoff multiple quantities, spot revisions, create RFI's, and more with On-Screen Takeoff Professional. Use On-Screen Takeoff Professional today and experience an increase in estimating speed by at least two fold. On-Screen Takeoff sets the industry standard in takeoff and construction estimating software.

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