On-Screen Takeoff:

The first step in fast, accurate construction estimating

Integrate takeoff and estimation with On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid

OST - On-Screen Takeoff + QB - Quick Bid

With integrated estimating automation, estimators know that the takeoff  is accurately and instantly reflected in the bid calculations.

On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) and Quick Bid® (QB) combine to increase efficiency, reduce the time spent preparing a bid for tender, and save the company money.  OST integrates with other construction estimating solutions.

Trade specific databases increase efficiency

All supported trades - Construction Estimating Software Solution

Incorporating trade specific information into the estimating process establishes a best practice that benefits each project and bid proposal.

Whether the information is in metric or imperial, from the AU, NZ, US, UK or any other region, the estimator may enter custom information into a database.

Easily track and archive bids

On-Screen Takeoff - Bids Tab - Video
Bids Tab

OST is designed around the estimator

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Image Tab

The best estimating software

The Best Estimating Software - On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid

On Center Software recommends a complete software solution for the estimator.

The takeoff is only half of the estimating solution. Adding a powerful pricing component, like Quick Bid, completes the solution.

Learn more about Quick Bid, and why thousands of estimators have been using it since 1988.

Takeoff data can be exported to Quick Bid, Excel, and other third-party estimating programs.

It is possible to combine OST with a company’s current estimating/pricing program or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for a faster and more accurate estimating and bidding process. Also, eliminate possible human error (common when entering values manually) by exporting the OST takeoff data into the estimating/pricing software.

Data shared between On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid is shared and updated in real-time.

When running On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid together as an estimating solution, quantities are updated simultaneously in OST and QB. There is no need to "push" the data because the connection is real-time.

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Quick Bid:

The next step in fast, accurate construction estimating

Price Bids,
Generate Proposals,
Create Reports,
and more

It all starts with OST.
From Plan Viewing to Quantity Takeoff to Estimating to Project Management


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Try our 2-part estimating software solution. On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid cut each project’s bid time by more than half while producing the most accurate bids possible.

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