When You Takeoff - KNOW.

On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) started the industry in 1994. OST effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises. From plan viewing to quantity measurements to estimating to project management–it all starts with OST.

Reduce Estimating & Printing Costs with On-Screen Takeoff What's your average cost to prepare a bid?

Save money on today's bid - and even eliminate future costs by using classic On-screen Takeoff to make estimators more efficient and rid yourself of paper, pens and storage needs.

Save Time by using On-Screen Takeoff How many labor hours do you waste during the takeoff process?

On-Screen Takeoff's automation and separation of quantities will allow construction estimators to reduce per-bid time.

Spot Plan Changes & Catch Addendums with On-Screen Takeoff How many errors has manual takeoff introduced for you?

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) automates the calculations, allowing all involved to measure any area or perimeter accurately, even with irregular shapes and curves.

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff Is Much More Than Just Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff has an integral role in our construction software solutions for plan viewing, quantity takeoff, estimating and project management.

See how On-Screen Takeoff has Helped Our Clients

Peter Giannis, Estimator for Standard Roofing in Canada refuses to do a takeoff without On-Screen Takeoff.

Client: Peter Giannis
Company: Standard Roofing Company, Inc.
Title: Estimator
Trade(s): Commercial and Light Industrial Roofing

Synopsis: Peter Giannis refuses to do quantity measurements without On-Screen Takeoff. He saves time and increases productivity.

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View electronic plans, takeoff multiple quantities, spot revisions, create RFI's, and more with On-Screen Takeoff. Try On-Screen Takeoff today and experience an estimating speed increase by at least two fold. OST sets the industry standard for takeoff and construction estimating software.

On-Screen Takeoff - Slate or mobile tablet application for the field
With a Windows™ tablet or laptop, use
On Center Software in the field