Thousands of construction professionals have reduced costs, saved time and improved their accuracy utilizing On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) the unparalleled industry standard for takeoff.

Reduce Estimating & Printing Costs with On-Screen Takeoff What's your average cost to prepare a bid?

Save money on today's bid - and even eliminate future costs by using classic On-screen Takeoff to make estimators more efficient and rid yourself of paper, pens and storage needs.

Save Time by using On-Screen Takeoff How many labor hours do you waste during the takeoff process?

On-Screen Takeoff's automation and separation of quantities will allow construction estimators to reduce per-bid time.

Spot Plan Changes & Catch Addendums with On-Screen Takeoff How many errors has manual takeoff introduced for you?

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) automates the calculations, allowing all involved to measure any area or perimeter accurately, even with irregular shapes and curves.

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff Is Much More Than Just Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff has an integral role in our construction software solutions for plan viewing, quantity takeoff, estimating and project management.

See how On-Screen Takeoff has Helped Our Clients

Peter Giannis, Estimator for Standard Roofing in Canada refuses to do a takeoff without On-Screen Takeoff.

Client: Peter Giannis
Company: Standard Roofing Company, Inc.
Title: Estimator
Trade(s): Commercial and Light Industrial Roofing

Synopsis: Peter Giannis refuses to do quantity measurements without On-Screen Takeoff. He saves time and increases productivity.

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View electronic plans, takeoff multiple quantities, spot revisions, create RFI's, and more with On-Screen Takeoff. Try On-Screen Takeoff today and experience an estimating speed increase by at least two fold. OST sets the industry standard for takeoff and construction estimating software.

On-Screen Takeoff - Slate or mobile tablet application for the field
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