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Training Videos

1 OTK - 01 User Interface Videos

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you... User Interface Oasis Takeoff Overview Filtering, Sorting, Grouping, and Finding Project & Bids List Takeoff Tab Conditions Window Bid Areas Control Summary Tab Worksheet Tab Exporting to Quick Bid…

2 OTK - 02 Time to Work Videos

Time to knuckle down and get to work! Time to Work Creating a Project I - Settings Creating a Project II - Plan Organizer Creating a Bid within a Project Select, Zoom, & Pan Layers Creating Linear Conditions Creating Area Conditions Understanding Area Slope…

3 OTK - 03 Drawing Takeoff & Annotation Videos

This is what it's all about... measuring and marking up your plans... Drawing Takeoff & Annotation Multi-Condition Takeoff (patent pending!) Performing Linear Takeoff Performing Area Takeoff Gridded Areas AutoFill Backouts Performing Count Takeoff Performing…

4 OTK - 04 Plan Organizer Videos

Managing your Drawings, Sheets, Plans, whatever you call them, is an important component. Plan Organizer Adding Sets and Matching New Revisions to Previous Revisions Overlay

5 OTK - 05 Advanced Takeoff & Estimating Videos

Getting work done faster, smarter, and more accurately is what Oasis Takeoff is all about... Advanced Takeoff & Estimating Typical Groups Typical Areas Custom Formulas and the Formula Manager

6 OTK - 06 Printing Videos

Yes, it's the 21st century, but sometimes, you just gotta print something... Printing Printing Overview

7 OTK - 07 FieldCenter Integration Videos

Take your projects to the worksite with On Center's revolutionary mobile app, Oasis FieldCenter. FieldCenter Integration Enabling a Project for FieldCenter

8 OTK - 08 System Settings Videos

To make the most of your time with Oasis Takeoff, customize the program to suit your needs and re-use what you've already created. System Settings Masters: Global & Bid Masters Options_ Common & Oasis Takeoff Options


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