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DPC - Frequently Asked Questions

41 Using Azure, Citrix, Remote Desktop and other Virtualization Solutions with On Center's Classic Products - OST QB DPC

Many of our clients ask us about virtualization and running their products over Azure, Citrix, etc. Let's look at some of those questions: What are Azure, Citrix, and Remote Desktop and Why Would I Be interested in Using Them? Can I virtualize my installation…

42 Using Multiple Monitors to Increase Efficiency - OST QB DPC OASIS OTK

Using more than one monitor really helps you get even more out of On Center's products. The more electronic 'real estate' available, the better. On Center Software does not assist with setting up, configuring, or troubleshooting multiple monitor environments…

43 Using Touch-enabled Screens with On Center's Products - OST QB DPC OASIS OTK

Issue With the release of new touch-friendly operating systems, such as Windows 8-10, more and more people are hopping on the "touch" bandwagon. You may be wondering if On Center Software products work with Touch-enabled devices. Discussion Well...this is…

44 What is Dual-Booting? - OST QB DPC OASIS OTK

Description Dual-booting describes the loading of multiple operating systems (Windows, AppleOSX, Other) onto different partitions of a computer's hard-drive. A partition is like a wedge of pie - each operating system is installed in its own piece of the hard…

45 Where are my Accepted Alternates in DPC?

Once a Bid is set to DPC Mode, Accepted Alternates are rolled into the Base Bid and no longer separately visible while the bid is in DPC Mode. If the bid is returned to Takeoff Mode, the accepted Alternates are visible separately Unaccepted Alternates are…

46 Why is my LCC Bolded or Why does it show wrong UOM? DPC

Issue In the Labor Cost Code List on the Image Tab and on the Budget Tab, some of your LCCs are bolded and you cannot reconcile your Budget to Quick Bid. Note Notice that some of the LCCs are bolded? DPC bolds an LCC when it has been used in a Condition more…


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