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Table of Contents

02 Activating Licenses

1 CLS - Licensing Classic Products - Overview Featured

Activation Videos & Upgrade Information For On Center Software Award Winning Portfolio: On-Screen Takeoff® Quick Bid® Digital Production Control™ Do you have an Activation Code? Users who have an activation code for their software can view the following…

2 CLS - Licensing Classic Products using a Network License

Using Enterprise License Manager (a Networked license...), also called using a Floating License or a Borrowed License, means your company is using a server utility, accessible from any computer within their network, to provide authorization rather than storing…

3 ELM 1.2 - 03 Activating ELM License Codes

Once Enterprise License Manager is installed and you've configured your firewalls/security settings, before end users can pull licenses for their programs, the product codes must be activated which 'loads' the licenses on the server. This is known as Activating…

4 ELM 1.2 - 03.01 Returning (Deactivating) License Codes

Why would you want to return a license code? There are three primary reasons: You need to activate a license code (or codes) on a different server (moving ELM to a new server) You have purchased or suspended licenses (your license count has changed) On Center…

5 ELM 1.2 - 03.02 Activating New Codes Prior to Upgrading Client Software

Before installing an upgrade to any of the workstation applications (OST/QB), you must ensure that your license server will support the new version. Each Activation Code supports a specific version of the software - versions lower than the indicated version…


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