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CLS - Licensing Classic Products Released after 3/1/2018

Reference Number: AA-01814 Views: 7032 Created: 11/28/2017 02:15 pm Last Updated: 05/22/2018 08:00 am 0 Rating/ Voters
Applies to software versions released after January 1, 2018.

If you need assistance with licensing your software, please contact Support.

Do you have a License Key or a Server Code?

Your company may use a License Key, a Server Code, or both to license the products it purchases from On Center..

  • A License Key looks like this:  41ad-c488-9b57-4630-a557-9bce-12b0-79f5 (32 characters, separated by hyphens).
  • A Server Code looks like this:  CJQB7BEPKQ79 (shorter, no spaces or hyphens).

What's the difference? 

  • Well, a License Key is good for a single product (On-Screen Takeoff or Quick Bid, but not both) and requires an Internet connection every time you use the product. 
  • A Server Code can be used in either product, and you can "Borrow" a license from a License Server for up to seven days and go "offline" (no Internet connection). 

License Keys and Server Codes are retrieved from your company's portal, MyOnCenter.com.  See PTL - 05 My Software Licenses for details on viewing your company's software licenses.  If you do not have access to the portal, please contact the Billing or Technical contact at your company for assistance - On Center personnel cannot provide License Keys or Server Codes. 

When On-Screen Takeoff or Quick Bid are not authorized, a message in the bottom right corner of the program shows "no license".  In On-Screen Takeoff, this is called "PlanViewer" mode.  There is no supported 'No license' mode for Quick Bid or Digital Production Control.

The screenshots below show On-Screen Takeoff, however activating Digital Production Control or Quick Bid follow the same steps.

To license your product, you need Internet access and either your License Key or Server Code from MyOnCenter.com. See Related articles for more information.

Activating Your License

Click File > Check Authorization

If you are activating a License Key, enter it in the "License Key" box, if you have been provided a Server Code, enter it in the "Server Code" box. 

Click "Activate" next to whichever box is appropriate (the button only becomes available when you've entered something into the box). 

If your activating using a Server Code, once you enter a valid Server Code, the option to borrow a license becomes available.  You may borrow a license for 7 days, but remember, that license is then unavailable to any other users, even if you close the program.

Once validated, features such as On-Screen Takeoff and Digital Production Control Project Manager along with product maintenance will be displayed.

If you're using a License Key, you will also see your Client ID and any Expiration dates for your licenses or maintenance.

Click Close to close the Check Authorization dialog and apply the license(s) to the application. (The authorization status in the bottom right corner of the application does not update until the Check Authorization dialog box is closed and the license applied.)

When you close the Check Authorization dialog box, your activated Features display in the bottom right of the application (the Status Bar) - this indicates that the program is properly authorized and ready to use.

Returning Your License

Let's say you activate your license on your work computer, but need to use it at home over the weekend, or a coworker needs to use it for some time. You'll need to "return" your license so it can be used on a different device. Just open the Check Authorization dialog again (click File > Check Authorization) and hit the Return button next to your License Key or Server Code.

If you are using a Server Code and have not borrowed the license when you shut down the program, your license is returned to the pool automatically (the program does this in the background).  Next time you launch the program, it tries to get a new license for you from the same server, again, automatically.  The only time you have to "Return" a Server Code license is if you want to work in "no license" mode and let someone else use the license. 

Common Reasons for Authorization Failure

  • Incorrect License Key or Server Code (we recommend you copy/paste - rather than trying to type these in - if possible)
  • No Internet connection (always required to activate licenses)
  • Firewall blocking Internet communication (see Related articles for more information on configuring your firewall)
  • Attempting to activate a License Key for a different product (you cannot activate a Quick Bid license through On-Screen Takeoff and vice versa)
  • Attempting to activate an old "Activation Key" for versions released prior to 12/31/2017 - check MyOnCenter.com for your up-to-date keys
If you open an "interactive" Bid while one or both products is unlicensed, you will break the interactive connection.  Please see your estimating software's documentation for instructions on reconnecting bids.

Known Issue

The first versions using the new licensing technology require the program to be shut-down and re-opened any time you return a license and then want to activate a license. You cannot return and (re)activate in the same session, you will receive an error that "No licenses are available" or "All licenses have expired". 

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