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QB - Quick Bid (11/17/2016)

Reference Number: AA-01219 Views: 398 Created: 07/26/2016 09:50 am Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:58 am 0 Rating/ Voters


  • New Markups Tab design to improve user experience (no more pop-up, modal window for Markup Detail - changes made to values are immediate, you won't have to 'Save/Cancel' on each Markup Detail screen)
  • Add Materials and Labor totals to Condition Details Item Grid
  • Add Phase # and Description Option to Accounting Exports
  • Additional Exports (Plexxis, JobCost, and Payroll)
  • Provide additional fields and date format for Proposals:
    • [] – Contact email address
    • [Bid.Conditions] – All Conditions in Base Bid; Condition Name, Quantity 1, Notes, Total and Unit Cost
    • [Bid.Equipments] – Name (Description) and Total
    • [Bid.Others] – Name (Description) and Total

Conditions, Equipment, and Other fields are for the current Base Bid, or Accepted Child Bid only.  Each would need to be generated separately.


  • Provide option to show/hide Cost and Bid (including Child Bids) totals in Bid Summary Report (previously, always shown, you now have ability to hide)
  • Display Item Description in the Condition Details Items grid - option to hide
  • Remove dollar symbol ($) throughout program
  • Restructure Help and Training options to make them easier to locate
  • Move Request Feature, Request Support, and How Do I... buttons to Help menu
  • Replace locally-installed, static help file with links to Online User Guide
  • Remove prompts to confirm backup of database upon closing application
  • Proposal date field now uses Window's regional 'long date' formatting settings.


Reference/Case Number - Description

  • 276012 - Condition Detail Report does not show decimals in some columns
  • 278161, 283907 - Subs expenses that include decimal values cause Section Markup Report to calculate incorrectly
  • 279561 - Section Markups report calculates Man hrs/days incorrectly
  • 281350 - Remove '2015' from eQuote 'ship date' drop down
  • 281655 - Section drop down in Cost Codes list doesn't show all Sections
  • 283760 - Bid Area quantities are incorrect in Job Cost Summary export

Known Issues

  • To implement the new Report options developed in 4.96, Bid Summary Reports Options must be reset to defaults.
  • (11/28/2016) On Center has identified an issue with the Payroll Report in build  If you use the same PRC for Labor and Indirect Expenses, the PRC is shown twice in the Payroll Report (and included twice in the totals).  On Center is working on a patch to resolve this issue and will update the Product Information & Downloads page as soon as a fix is available.  This has been FIXED in build, posted on 12/6/2016.


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