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Checking Which Version a License Supports (check before installing any upgrades!) - OST DPC QB

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Before installing an upgrade to your software, it is important to verify you have activated a valid license for the new version before upgrading. Each Activation code supports a specific version of the software and some earlier versions.

Always check with your company's System Administrator or IT Department before upgrading any software on your machine.
When a database is opened in a new version of the software it is upgraded and can only be accessed in that version of the software. If a user does not have a valid license for the newer version, they will not be able to authorize and all databases will be in Read Only mode

Check Your License

To check if the currently activated license supports a version,

Click File > Check Authorization, the Check Authorization dialog box opens

  • Note the "Version" listed in the "Product" section
    • In the screen shot above, the version listed is 3.8, all versions of 3.8 (3.8.2, for example) and any lower versions of On-Screen Takeoff (3.7.1, for example) can be licensed. If you installed version 3.9, your code would activate, but the license would be invalid (it would not support the installed version.) You would have to get a new code supporting v. 3.9 from On-Center Software (provided you are eligible for that version based on your Maintenance Subscription status).

      If your company uses Enterprise License Manager, your network administrator must activate an upgraded license code on the server before any users upgrade their software.

      If you are unsure whether or not your license supports an upgrade, please contact our Technical Support group. We will be happy to advise you on the recommended course of action.

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