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QB - 00 Quick Bid Release Notes History

Reference Number: AA-00350 Views: 91 Created: 01/18/2016 06:51 am Last Updated: 02/22/2018 11:06 am 0 Rating/ Voters

Version Release Date Notes / Highlights   11/17/2016   New Markups Tab, additional Exports, new Proposals fields, Material & Item totals in Conditions    5/10/2016  Patch to address intermittent activating issues on Windows 10  11/4/2015  Patch to address issues identified in  8/6/2015  Windows 10, "Cherry Pick" eQuote items to award, Option to show production in Condition Detail Report, bug fixes and report updates.  2/6/2015  Patch to allow licensing on Surface Pro 3  11/17/2014  Chain indicator in Item List, "Show where used" functionality for Items, Download Suppliers.  2/15/2015  Patch to add AutoNotifier  5/19/2014  Fixed Known Issues in Replaced by  1/20/2014  Global Find & Replace in Masters, Material Swap, Maxwell Export, Show Subs on Markups Tab.  2/25/2015  Patch to add AutoNotifier  8/5/2013  Windows 8, Dongle-less licensing, MAC support, bug fixes. Replaced by  2/15/2015  Patch to dongle-less licensing & add AutoNotifier  10/12/2010  Maintenance Release to fix issues from and previous versions. Replaced by  7/1/2010   Labor Tab Production Columns, Jonas, Maestro, StarBuilding/StarImport, and ComputerEase exports, Custom Reports support, Import Quantity Survey.  2/25/2015  Patch to add AutoNotifier  6/7/2013  Patch to dongle-less licensing, replace by  3/26/2010  Hot fix to fix a licensing issue in, replaced by  11/4/2009  Corrected two issues with the installer.  Replaced by   10/22/2009  Windows 7, QuickBooks, DexterChaney, Foundation, and Sage-MasterBuilder job exports, many bug fixes.

Release Notes for Versions No Longer In Distribution

The following versions are no longer distributed or supported by On Center Software.


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