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OTK - 00 Oasis Takeoff Release Notes History

Reference Number: AA-00344 Views: 854 Last Updated: 01/12/2017 07:48 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Version Release Date Notes / Highlights 1/12/2017  Maintenance release to fix several issues identified during testing and reported by customers. 12/20/2016  Performance improvements, Printing enhancements, Background Plan Upload enhancements 8/18/2016  Background uploading of plans, upload monitor/resume, internal improvements 
**the click-once installer was updated on 8/23/2016 to re-sign two DLL files 7/1/2016   Fixed Summary Tab quantity display, improved printing, improved performance of loading pages and takeoff.  4/29/2016   Improved Bid Areas/Typical Areas control, Improved takeoff tools, Condition Pricing view, improved Project/Bid lists.  12/17/2015  Sloped Areas, Area segment dimensions, 64-bit installer, drag-n-drop revision matching, repositionable toolbars.  9/10/2015  Overlays, Image legend, Improved drawing tools, Punch List and Plan Organizer exports.  5/7/2015  Multi-Condition Takeoff, Auto-fill backouts, Custom Formulas.  1/24/2015  Update to address v.1 issues reported by customers.
 1.0.0  10/17/2014   Product Debut.

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