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Quick Bid (aka (11/4/2015)

Reference Number: AA-00272 Views: 945 Last Updated: 07/15/2016 09:31 am 0 Rating/ Voters

This version is a maintenance update to and addresses several concerns/issues clients reported post-release.  Quick Bid 4.95.1 requires a database upgrade from 4.95.0.

On 5/10/2016, the installer was updated to correct an issue some clients experienced with activating the software when running on Windows 10.

See the Release Notes for for full list.


Reference Number - Description
32, 256862 - Unchecking total "Condition Price" option from Bid Summary Report does not hide total condition price.
34, 257531 - Overhead and Profit % in the Bid Summary Report are not calculating as expected when Bid includes Multi-areas for Subs, Equip, and Other expenses.
30 - Type ahead for Estimator on the Cover Sheet doesn't fill in Estimator when user hits <Enter>. 
N/A - On some monitors, some reports may cut off the far right columns when Previewed.  This is a display issue that does not affect printing or exporting the Report.
N/A - Several minor changes to the new Report options introduced in 4.95.0.

Known Issues

Importing individual Armstrong Assembly files (*.qba) is not working in 4.95 - the work-around is to download the entire Armstrong database.
To implement the new Report options developed in 4.95, Reports Options must be reset.  Any user-configured Report Options will be reset to "Defaults".


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