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OAS - Registering for the Oasis Platform®

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Before you can begin working with any of the Oasis products, you'll need to register for your Oasis Platform account.

Click here to access the Registration page:

This is the registration page...

Fill in all fields and click Register...

The registration is confirmed...

Now, what's next?

Well, you'll need to provide your Oasis Admin with your User Name so he or she can add you to their Organization and allocate a license to you for one or more products.  Until then, you can log into your account here

The Oasis System will not send a confirmation e-mail to you after you register (this is by design).  You will receive an e-mail once your Oasis Admin has allocated a license to you for one or more products.  That e-mail will include your User Name and instructions for downloading the software.  

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