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Classic Products End of Life (OCS' Sunsetting Plan) - OST QB DPC

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On Center Software is committed to providing award-winning products and services. To that end, we must occasionally take an inventory of our product versions to determine those that need to be retired (or ‘sunset’). On Center remains focused on current technology and advancing/improving our software - that cannot be done if we continue to support out-dated versions of our software. So our clients understand which products are supported, we've published this "End of Life" FAQ.

Products that use a dongle (or On Center License Manager) for licensing.

Effective 5/16/2016, On Center Software no longer supports any version of On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, or Digital Production Control that uses a dongle or is licensed through "OCS License Manager". The server that supported dongle-based licensing (including OCS License Manager) is inoperable. This server was officially retired February 29, 2016, but kept online to give our clients time to make the necessary upgrades to update their software. It is now a necessity that you upgrade your software to continue using your product.

Please contact our Client Services Team at 866.426.2447 for information on migrating to a current, supported version of your software.

Products limited to "retired" versions of Windows

Microsoft has a two-stage retirement plan for its products. First is the end of "Mainstream" support, the second is the end of "Extended" support.

As Microsoft officially ends Mainstream support for an operating system, On Center will no longer test new products on that operating system. You will be able to continue using any product that was supported on an operating system out of Mainstream support, at the time of that product's release, however On Center's ability to provide technical support for those products is limited to licensing the product, and providing basic troubleshooting assistance. Advanced technical support including defect reports, crash-troubleshooting, and installation issues cannot be supported for products limited to running on a version of Windows not under "Mainstream" support with Microsoft. (Simply put, if there’s a problem caused by the version of the operating system and that operating system is no longer under “Mainstream Support” with Microsoft, On Center will not be able to investigate or fix that issue.)

When Microsoft officially ends Extended support for an operating system, On Center considers products limited to installation on that OS (or earlier OSes) retired. Products that run only on operating systems no longer supported by Microsoft (or earlier operating systems) will be 'sunset', and On Center will no longer distribute or provide technical support for those products. This includes licensing, installation (including product downloads), and any issues, concerns, defects, or feature requests.

We routinely update our System Requirements for the current versions of our products and it is important to check those Requirements before installing any software, (see Related articles).

For information about Microsoft’s Product Support/Sunset policies, visit:



  • Let’s say Microsoft ends "Mainstream" support for Windows XYZ on December 25, 2015, effective that date, On Center would no longer test new products or upgrades on Windows XYZ. Would new releases work on Windows XYZ? Maybe, but On Center would not certify new releases on that OS and if you call Tech Support to report an issue, if it cannot be reproduced on a support version of Windows, we would not be able to log a defect, investigate the cause, or work on fixing the issue. Support cannot assist with installing or troubleshooting the products on an Operating System that is not under mainstream support, although we can provide you with the links to download the software and provide general assistance with using the product.
  • Let’s continue with Windows XYZ and say its “Extended” support ended on Dec 25, 2020. On that day, On Center would stop distributing and supporting any versions of our software that were limited to Windows XYZ and earlier operating systems (Windows XYZ was the highest operating system, On-Screen Takeoff 3.8 was certified for, for example so that version of OST would be pulled from the market).
    If you called Technical Support with a problem, our Support department will do their best to assist you, but the answer may be 'you need to upgrade to a newer version of OCS software' or even ‘you need a new operating system’.

How Does This Affect You?

Now, you are probably going to ask, "Will my software simply 'stop' working on the date Microsoft ends Mainstream Support or Extended Support?" No, of course, not. In fact, it is likely that nothing is going to change except that On Center will no longer be testing new releases against that operating system, nor will we register new ‘bugs’ that can only be reproduced on that operating system. On Center will also not support installation of products on operating systems not under “Mainstream” support with Microsoft.

What can I do if the version I’m using is no longer support?

This depends on if you kept current with your Maintenance agreement with On Center Software.

  • If you have remained current with your Maintenance Subscription (and are using a supported Operating System), we have versions of our Classic Products ready for you. Please contact our Renewals group at 866.426.2447 and we’ll help you upgrade to the latest versions.
  • If you have allowed your Maintenance Subscription to expire, your Maintenance contract's expiration date determines the highest version of the software for which you are eligible. On Center may no longer distribute a version of your product that will work on the version of Windows you are using. You’ll need to discuss your options with Client Services at 866.426.2447.

See Related articles for a matrix of recent versions of Windows and the Classic Products that are supported.

Additional Information

  • Replacement (maintenance) builds (where first two digits do not change) typically do not require new license keys, but they may require database upgrades.
  • You will need to upgrade your computer/operating system to a version of Windows supported by Microsoft to install newer versions of our products - be sure to check System Requirements because they have likely changed since the last time you installed software.

Any time you are installing an Operating System upgrade (from 8 to 8.1 or 8.1 to 10, etc.), we suggest uninstalling OST/DPC/QB before upgrading. Windows does its best to migrate programs but it is best practice to remove any business-critical programs (such as OST/QB) and freshly install them after applying the OS Upgrade.

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