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OTK - Oasis Takeoff System Requirements

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Operating System


Windows® 10 Pro x64


Windows® 10 Home

Windows® 8.1 Pro

On Center recommends 64-bit Windows for Oasis Takeoff because it can address more RAM.  32-Bit is supported but will not provide optimum performance.

Oasis Takeoff cannot be installed in Terminal Services or Citrix (or similar) environments.

Windows 7 may work, but as this operating system is no longer under "Mainstream" support with Microsoft, On Center no longer tests new products/updates against Windows 7.

CPU (Processor)


Intel Core i7 (or equivalent/better)


Intel Core i5, or equivalent/better


Intel 1GHz+ processor or equivalent - this is the absolute minimum required for viewing plans/annotation and will not provide acceptable performance

Memory (RAM)


8 GB RAM or more (requires 64-Bit Operating System)


4 GB RAM (3GB for 32-Bit operating system)

Hard Disk Space


500GB SSD or SSHD Hard Disk Drive (or larger)

Oasis Takeoff caches information (Bid data, Plans, User Settings) on your hard drive.  Depending on the number of Projects/Bids you access and the number of Sheets/Plans contained in those Projects/Bids, the amount of hard disk space used/required will be substantial.  A cache of 20GB or more is not uncommon if you access numerous Projects/Bids with a large number of Sheets/Plans. 


Minimum: 1 GB Hard drive space (plus more for plans, projects) - a single project may require several GBs of disk space, depending on the number and size of the project Plans.  Oasis Takeoff stores several formats of each Plan on your local hard drive to improve performance.

Display Resolution


1920x1080 (HD) Single, Dual, or Multi Monitor Displays


Minimum display resolution: 1200 x 1024

Other Requirements

  • High-speed, "always-on" Internet connection (most WiFi connections are not fast enough). (Please see Relate articles for information on configuring your firewall)
  • Windows Update: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher (included with Windows 8 and higher)
Minimum system requirements support very basic functionality only.  Your actual system requirements will vary, depending on your system configuration, network speed, other applications installed and running on your computer, and the complexity and size of the electronic plans you use. Please follow the Recommended system requirements for optimum performance.

If you're looking for System Requirements for our Classic Products, please see Related articles.

Apple Computers

Devices running MAC OSX

There are two environments in which Oasis Takeoff may be installed on an Apple computer running MAC OSX:

  • Bootcamp - this is a separate partition from MAC OSX on which a stand-alone installation of Windows is running.  This allows the user to run Windows OR MAC OSX but not both at the same time.
  • Parallels (or any other locally installed virtualization product) - this allows a MAC OSX user to run a virtualized installation of Windows within the MAC OSX environment.  This is not a stand-alone installation of Windows, it is sort of running Windows within a window, so to speak. 

Devices running iOS (Mobile devices)

On Center is pleased to offer Oasis FieldCenter™ - designed for field workers who use iPads.  Please visit our Web site for more information: or contact your Account Manager at On Center.  Oasis Takeoff cannot be installed on an iPad.


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