Takeoff Solutions

Improve Collaboration & Decrease Estimating Time with the Best Cloud Takeoff Software

On Center Software's Oasis Takeoff™ (OT) enables Flooring Contractors to successfully increase collaboration, resulting in team estimating on any project, anywhere, at any time. OT ensures Flooring Contractors accurate takeoff quantities for bidding jobs.

With OT, plan organization has never been easier. As you track multiple revisions, you will build a current set, ensuring the whole team is focused on the right documents. Additionally, pivot summary data allows you to group and organize your results using multiple work breakdown structures.

Easily share electronic plans between the office and field. Using Oasis FieldCenter, a cloud-based field management solutions that integrates with OT, create real-time markups and punch list items using a tablet device.

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Increases Productivity & Decrease Material Waste Cost With the Best Traditional Takeoff Software

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) drives improvement for Concrete Contractors by delivering on the promise to increase efficiency, productivity, and profit before the bidding process begins.OST ensures Concrete Contractors accurate takeoff quantities for bidding jobs.

OST produces area takeoff with one click. It reduces errors and missed takeoff with a visual audit trail of the quantity takeoff. Quantities are available instantly in length, surface area, volume and count. This eliminates errors and hours spent on manual calculations.

Get rid of the high cost of paper plans by switching to digital. Keep the savings! Easily share electronic plans between the office and the field while conveniently viewing your electronic plans from a laptop or tablet device.

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Estimating & Bidding Solution

Manual errors jeopardize win rates. Use On Center Software's estimating and bidding solution, Quick Bid® (QB) to ensure accuracy and delivery of higher profit margins.

QB produces bids for multiple jobs in the same amount of time you currently spend dedicated to working on one bid. QB provides an electronic quote process for suppliers to submit pricing. This allows concrete contractors to quickly adjust bids to new pricing.

On Center Software offers customized databases to further support business processes.

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Project Management Solution

Know Where Your Project is Going Everyday with the Best Traditional Project Management Software.

On Center Software's Digital Production Control™ (DPC) focuses on bottom line profitability. DPC is proactive in a crew's daily production, allowing a daily scope to be assigned based on the actual estimate and budget. DPC instantly marks the scope with a red colored takeoff if the crew falls behind, making it known that the crew needs to get back on schedule.

DPC's patented technology gives the estimated labor for each item in a digital takeoff. DPC manages daily progress of a job and communicates with a foreman in the field using a tablet.

Take Digital Production Control one step further with feedback from actual achieved labor production value as input for future estimates and bids. Calculate job-to-date costs, project costs, and real-time labor production values.

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Field Management Solution

Manage the Field in Real-Time with the Best Cloud Field Management Application for Tablets.

On Center Software's Oasis FieldCenter™ solutions integrates with Oasis Takeoff to effectively manage the field. Oasis FieldCenter allows the field to collaborate with the office in real-time by documenting the project with field notes, photos, and punch list items.

Ask yourself, how much money have you lost on project rework because the foreman wasn't notified of a change. Through the plan organizer in Oasis Takeoff, the whole field team is on the most current set plans at all times while using Oasis FieldCenter, reducing costly mistakes.

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The Benefits Of Using On Center Software Solutions:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Avoid Errors
  • Exclude Redundant Steps
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Save Time
  • Catch Addendum Changes
  • Streamline Communications
  • Improve Ramp-up Time
  • Eliminate Discrepancies
  • Gain Material Quotes
  • Identify & Analyze Risk Factors
  • Improve the Bottom Line
  • Measure, Analyze, & Report
  • Eliminate Manual Entry Errors
  • Accurately Track the Budget
  • Increase Crew Production
  • Know Percent Complete
  • Lower Risks
  • Manage the Project
  • Document, Argue, & Win Claims
  • Eliminate Manual Entry Errors
  • Open API & Integration
  • Seamless Data Transfer
  • Security
  • Collaboration
  • Reliability & Accessibility
  • Consistency
  • Usability & Scalability